Friday, February 26, 2016

Pre-Order this Bible! NLT Inspire Bible: The Bible for Creative Journaling

Get out your colored pencils! Ready your watercoloring supplies!  You are going to want to buy one of these Bibles!  The NLT Inspire Bible is not out just yet, but it comes out soon.  On March 22nd.  You can go ahead and pre-order it now on Amazon:

I have one of these beautiful Bibles in my hands today.  It arrived yesterday and It. Is. Gorgeous!  I haven't colored in it yet but I plan to start this weekend.

Stayed tuned here for a video walk through of this stunning Bible on my next post.

And here is another cover option:

Here is the first page:

And here is a side by side comparision of my ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway Publishing where I have drawn and watercolored flowers and journaled in my handwriting in the margin (the image on the left) next to the new NLT Inspire Bible that has the image printed on the page ready to be colored by YOU:

So, what do you think? Please leave a comment below. 
In His grace,

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gifts and Cards

Cards Inspired by Bible Art Journaling...

 I made these cards using painting techniques that I have used in my art journaling Bible.  So fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Still likes to dress up

Super excited to post this link from our "talented fashion designer-amazing inside & out young woman" friend's blog especially since we know the model well {Does the model in the red and white dress look like she could be my daughter?}

Here on the 23 Skidoo Blog

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Recent Cards

In Novemeber, I made cards that represented new life and cards that represented the loss of life.  Below I have posted two of them.  Praise God that this life on Earth is only temporal and we have the gift of eternal life with our Redeemer and Creator {our gift for the asking as promised in God's Word}.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paper-Crafting After a Move

Made the following cards in recent weeks:

My family and i moved across town at the end of July so that meant packing up my beloved craft studio (along with the rest of our house), then turning around and unpacking said craft studio.  In addition to moving, we have also been living through the tail-end of a whole house renovation for 3 months.  With my nest nearly complete now, just this week I have started to create paper-craft projects more regularly again.  And oh how glorious it is to be creating again... 

Monday, July 15, 2013

From My Garden...

I love these wonderfully tall hydrangeas God has graciously grown in our yard this summer!  We planted them in front of our house last summer when they were just babies.  "We" planted them, as in the landscapers we paid to plant them planted them--since I am more of a brown thumb than a green thumb.  I typically water our houseplants when they are wilting and begging for a drink.  I enjoy pretty flowers but I haven't taken the time to become gardener {yet}.  We are in the process of moving from one house to another house and I sense that in our new house, I will finally start to become a gardener.  I think my green thumb mom and green thumb mom-in-law will be delighted to hear this news...