Friday, February 26, 2016

Pre-Order this Bible! NLT Inspire Bible: The Bible for Creative Journaling

Get out your colored pencils! Ready your watercoloring supplies!  You are going to want to buy one of these Bibles!  The NLT Inspire Bible is not out just yet, but it comes out soon.  On March 22nd.  You can go ahead and pre-order it now on Amazon:

I have one of these beautiful Bibles in my hands today.  It arrived yesterday and It. Is. Gorgeous!  I haven't colored in it yet but I plan to start this weekend.

Stayed tuned here for a video walk through of this stunning Bible on my next post.

And here is another cover option:

Here is the first page:

And here is a side by side comparision of my ESV Journaling Bible by Crossway Publishing where I have drawn and watercolored flowers and journaled in my handwriting in the margin (the image on the left) next to the new NLT Inspire Bible that has the image printed on the page ready to be colored by YOU:

So, what do you think? Please leave a comment below. 
In His grace,

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Lisa said...

I love this Bible and am so hoping they bring it out in a NKJV!!!!!!