Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Baby Girl Gift

Friends of ours just had their 5th child.  All of their children (5 and under) are adorable!  We visited with them today, bringing them dinner and gifts for the children.   We are convinced that they are baby whisperers...  Babies are a great way to start people--God knew how to hook us!  Anyway, I whipped up this pink flower embellished onesie yesterday.  The fabric circles (flowers) were left over from the t-shirt that I embellished last month so the instructions are the same.  The pink and brown card I made for sweet baby girl coordinates with the super soft pink with brown monogrammed Pottery Barn stroller blanket.  I have given several of these blankets for baby gifts over the years.  I just adore monograms for babies. Actually for children of all ages. And for adults. Does one ever really outgrow monograms?  Not me!  

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Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Wow - this is so gorgeous and creative! Will HAVE to give these flowers a go - they look so fab!

Jocelyn (aka JoBear2 on SCS)
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